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LUCID 12-Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Twin

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  • I ordered my memory foam mattress on November 12th after purchasing a groupon the day prior. Ordering online was easy and simple, which is good because I am new to online shopping! the easier the better for an old lady like me :) I received my zen bedrooms memory foam mattress on November 20th, so 8 days after placing my order. That's quick delivery for a mattress if you ask me! Just in time for the holidays and the guests I was expecting. Very happy lady :)

    Their unique memory foam mattress is not the only option available to consumers. Their special memory foam is also used in their range of memory foam mattress toppers. Zen Bedrooms memory foam mattress toppers are designed with the aim to provide a solution for those who are unhappy with their current mattress but cannot afford to purchase a new mattress. Their range of memory foam mattress toppers offer an affordable solution that can be used to enhance any mattress, creating a comfortable bed similar to their more expensive memory foam mattress. So, even if their memory foam mattress is out of reach, customers can still find luxury at home by choosing one of their memory foam mattress toppers.

  • the zen bedrooms memory foam mattress is a miracle! I had back surgery right before the holidays and since then i have been in immeasurable pain and can't sleep at night. my mattress (which was fine before surgery) was excruciating after surgery. my wife bought me this mattress as a replacement and urged me to give it a try. i'm glad i did...i've been sleeping like a log ever since!…

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