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  • However, what some of the key measurements show is that Trump Home Luxury mattresses provide their owners with considerable overall satisfaction not to mention the positive feedback on comfort and support. In hindsight, the positive reviews make sense. After all, Trump will not allow the name on any sub-standard product, whether it is the company’s real estate ventures or, as is the case here, its home products.

    With such glowing reviews on this mattress, it would make sense to expect a strong Overall Satisfaction rating as well. This is not always the case; small idiosyncracies often result in a mattress product failing to meet specific criteria not measured in surveys like ours. However, the Trump Home Luxury Mattress rates extremely well, both on our qScore and in its owner satisfaction rating as well.

  • Enjoy the most advanced mattress comfort and support features available today with any of the Trump Beds. Each mattress is compatible with the Active Base, adjustable bed bases, to suite your lifestyle. The new Trump Home Luxury mattresses extend the collection into the premium category with a price point range of $1699-$2999.
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    As a Serta product, Trump Home Mattresses offer a superior sleep experience. It is inevitable that many people will believe that the cost for this luxury mattress will have more to do with the name (Trump) than with actual quality. Those people would be dead wrong. Contrary to what a lot of people might think or believe, the Trump mattress is arguably one of the best on the market as far as comfort, support and value are concerned. In addition, Trump mattress owners are the most satisfied according to our mattress ratings research here at the site. In other words, if you are strongly leaning toward a Trump Luxury Mattress, chances are high that you will not regret your purchase.

  • The Trump Home Luxury mattresses feature Serta's 924 FreeFlex innerspring unit, with some models also featuring an additional layer of individually wrapped Pillow Soft coils on top of the other unit. The innerspring unit is designed to deliver superior comfort while working to reduce motion transfer that can disrupt sleep, Serta officials said.

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Trump is a name synonymous with the upscale lifestyle, superior quality and success of Donald Trump and the Trump empire. Now, you can enjoy Trump luxury at home with the Trump Home Mattress Collection.