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Resort Sleep Queen 10-Inch Cooling Memory Foam Mattress and Pillow

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  • Manufacturers of dynamic therapeutic support surfaces and accessories, medical mattresses, low air loss mattress systems, alternating pressure mattress systems, alternating pressure pads, lateral rotation mattress systems, therapeutic foam mattresses and gel mattress overlays, static air and water overlays. Blue Chip manufactures a full line of pressure redistribution bariatric mattresses, wheelchair cushions, positioning cushions, anti-thrust cushions and wheelchair backs. There is a Blue Chip System for every type of patient: adult, pediatric, geriatric or bariatric.

    A therapeutic magnetic mattress pad can provide comfort and natural healing that other mattresses just cant provide. refreshing, healthy sleep among other benefits. A natural-fiber cover promotes ventilation, helps to regulate temperature — and offers resistance to flammability without adding the chemicals that some other sleep products require.
    The foundation of this magnetic mattress pad is a natural latex rubber which provides an ideal blend of support and comfort, and is resistant to microbial growth and dust mites. A RAM™ (radial-axis magnetism) Technology features spherical neodymium magnets which produce a series of overlapping magnetic fields to enfold and surround the body while in sleep. The surface of specially molded, gradient-density nodules is the final touch, producing a massage effect that helps you sleep soundly and wake refreshed.

  • Blue Chip medical mattress systems incorporate a variety of therapies including,alternating pressure mattress systems, therapeutic foam mattresses, gel mattresses and water. Advanced technology and clinically effective features. Adult, pediatric, geriatric and bariatric. Blue Chip pressure redistributing mattress systems are clinically effective for the treatment and prevention pressure ulcers.

    Blue Chip Medicals’ line of therapeutic medical mattress overlays offer the maximum protection to guard against the incidence of pressure ulcers. We manufacture a full line of gel, foam, water and air mattress overlay systems. Blue Chip’s pressure redistributing mattress overlays can be modified for the bariatric patient.

    mattress, Therapeutic Mattress, bed mattress is the construction of “Hexagonal Cells” technology is an innovative design for mattress focus on good air-ventilation, independent support, heat reduction, and moisture evaporation. The Hexagonal Cells Mattress is constructed by fabricating certain number of modules together.

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    Help get soothing relief while you sleep with the Sunbeam® Therapeutic Heated Mattress Pad. Designed to provide targeted, low-level heat therapy to neck & shoulders, back, lower legs and feet. Wake up rested and feeling better.

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Unlike memory foam, therapeutic mattress is made from a proprietary formula. The highest standards are upheld by the scientists when creating the mattress. The materials used to manufacture the mattress are not made from generic product.