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Classic Brands 12 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

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  • Therapedic mattresses feature advanced technologies that offer exceptional comfort, support and durability. Many of their components are so unique that they've been awarded patents by the United States Government and other Governments from around the globe. Remember that it's what you see that counts when you look for a new sleep set, and it's the superior internal support systems and premium quality foams and fabrics used by Therapedic that allow their sleep sets to provide year after year of consistent comfort.

    While using high-quality components is essential when crafting a quality mattress, the manner in which these components are assembled is just as important. Every Therapedic mattress is still handmade by some of the industry's most skilled artisans, many with over 30 years of experience. This quality of construction is consistent throughout the entire lineup from entry-level products to ultra-premium beds.

  • For over fifty years we've been helping the world sleep better. Whether you prefer a mattresses made with latex foam, memory foam, pocketed innerspring or advanced airbeds our independent factories are dedicated to providing you with comfort, support and great value. When you sleep on Therapedic mattress every night, you'll feel better everyday.

    Therapedic mattresses cover every comfort level. The entry BackSense™ line may be lower in price but the quality and features rival mattresses costing twice as much, so you won't be forced to compromise and choose between cheaply made promotional brands or more expensive premium products. BackSense mattresses offer everything you'd expect from a premium line; supportive innerspring units of a modern design, solid sheets of high-quality polyurethane foam padding, heavy-duty metal semi-flex foundations and premium quality and workmanship. Many BackSense models even feature an advanced edge foam reinforcement system.

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  • All of our Therapedic mattresses come from Therapedic's number one licensee, . This fourth-generation family owned and operated company has been producing mattresses since 1919. Their management, product development and production team has over . The Bedding Group strives to achieve excellence in their handcrafted mattresses every day, creating superior product of the highest integrity. We're very proud to call them our licensee and partner.

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In April 2014, Everton Mattress Manufacturing was purchased by 20-year employee Chris Sanders. Sanders took over the Filer manufacturing facility while the Everton Mattress retail location in Twin Falls remains under Steve Everton’s management and ownership.
Everton Mattress Manufacturing located to Twin Falls in the 1930’s before moving operations to Filer in 2003. Therapedic Mattress Idaho is one of 15 factories producing the national brand Therapedic Mattress in the United States as well as private label, university and contract mattresses.