i need a very soft mattress so which one is best

Zinus Memory Foam 8 Inch / Deluxe / Ultra Plush / Cloud-like Mattress, Queen

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  • Think of mattress toppers as the Goldilocks solution: If you’re uncomfortable on your bed, there’s a good chance a mattress topper will help, whether you want to soften up a too-hard mattress, firm up a too-soft mattress, or simply revitalize a middle-aged mattress. They’re not a cure-all, though—if your mattress is sagging or otherwise in really bad shape, a mattress topper won’t solve the problem. According to Nick Robinson of the excellent sleep site Sleep Like the Dead, most people who buy mattress toppers are looking to soften a firm mattress, and indeed, most toppers are designed for exactly that purpose.

    I am going to assume that your bed in NOT modular and is sewn closed. A is one that you can actually replace the parts inside the mattress because the bed has a zipper. In that case then yes you could zip on a new pillow top. If your bed is sewn shut you can completely read the list above giving tips of how to make a soft mattress firmer. You could also replace the bed if it is in your budget so you are not throwing good money after bad. Lastly you could try a firm latex mattress topper. Good luck in your quest for a firmer bed. Doug

  • Please understand these are not all cure-alls and are really more stop gap measures or quick fixes with little or no budget in mind. Sometimes the best choice is to simply replace the old soft mattress with a new firm mattress and boxspring.

    Another sign to look out for is whether your mattress is designed to support how you sleep. Each type of mattress is designed to suit certain needs. There are those that are firm and there are those that are soft. The firm mattresses are suitable for the heavy weight sleepers since they offer more support. If a heavy person sleeps on a soft mattress, the body will sink in and the person will feel like he or she is pressed against the support layer which is so uncomfortable.

    Queen size LFK Soft Spring compressed Prince mattress


    Queen size extra soft Both sides pillow-top mattress


    Queen size compressed soft spring mattress

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  • Sometimes we make the mistake of buying a mattress that is a bit too soft other times our bed begins to lose much needed support either way giving lift to the body’s structure and maintaining comfort is critical to a great night of sleep. We are often asked how to make a soft mattress firmer and today we share a handful of helpful tips.

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I recommend going in to your local store so you can try out the softer mattresses and see which one you prefer. The sales staff would be more than happy to help you!