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The unique use of materials is what differentiates SimplySleeper air mattresses from the rest

SimplySleeper SS-89Q Premium Ultra Tough Raised Inflatable Mattress, Beige, Queen

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  • March 30, 2013 Puncture- and Stretch-Resistant Portable Air Mattresses – SimplySleeper Air Mattresses with Pumps and Carrying Cases (Up to 55% Off). Four Sizes Available. Free Shipping.

    SimplySleeper air mattresses put the luxury back in camping trips or sleepovers with comfy, sturdy designs. Polyester-laminated PVC is puncture- and stretch-resistant, making mattresses durable and preventing any loss of air while in use. The mattresses are filled with up to 8.5 inches of soft, cushy air put there with built-in foot pumps or rechargeable portable pumps. The twin and queen-sized mattresses can roll up into their attached bags—like an agile kangaroo—for simple storage and transport.

  • A Sleep Cell sleeping bag and Simply Sleeper air mattress. The sleeping bag is colored black, red, and grey with a tag that labels its main material as polyester fiber (98%) with 2% of its composition being foam. The bag’s outer carrying case comes with further information, and the air mattress is colored beige with a black turn dial along the side for adjusting the mattress’ firmness.

SimplySleeper Premium Queen Airbed Review