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Classic Brands Memory Foam Sofa Mattress | Replacement Mattress for Sofa Bed Sleeper, Queen Size

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  • TAG : Save space with comfortable dual-use sofa bed pieces
  • The following Simmons futons include a Big Tree futon frame, a premium quality 13 gauge designer-tufted decorative Simmons futon mattress and coordinating designer pillow(s). These futons look amazing right out of the box, no expensive futon cover or mattress upgrade required!

    Please feel free to contact us with any of your Simmons futon mattress questions. We are glad to provide up to date information about any and all of the Simmons futons shown here.

  • Simmons futon mattresses are very popular and provide you with a brand name you know and trust from a leading dealer in the futon industry. Learn more about Simmons futons by clicking on the images below and learn why Simmons brand futon mattresses are a sure choice in providing quality and comfort.

    Futon mattress manufacturers selected to carry high-end labels like the Simmons futon mattress brand have been thoroughly inspected by Simmons to meet their criteria for quality, efficiency, and capability. The manufacturer has proven that they have the precision machinery and skilled workers needed to craft a high quality futon mattress. They have also demonstrated their access to high quality raw materials at discounted rates due to their buying power and market presence. In addition, the manufacturer in question must have implemented a top notch quality control process and an efficient production cycle to keep costs down. Big name brands like Simmons futon mattress are careful when selecting manufacturers, as the consumer will associate the quality of the final product with the Simmons brand.

  • The Simmons brand futon mattress is typically a futon made by a private label company under a license from Simmons to print their label on their mattresses. This isn’t to say that the mattresses are “fake” or “phony”. Many of the products you use every day, from cell phones to carbonated soft drinks, are distributed on similar licenses. What you do need to realize are two key factors in this equation: cost and quality.

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Simmons futon mattresses are one of the few nationally recognized mattress brands that specializes in futons. If you’re in the market for a Simmons futon mattress or just a futon mattress in general, this guide can help you make an informed purchasing decision.