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Serta 14-inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

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  • Aside from having a advanced level of fire security criteria, the United States of America has established a particular standard for this product to meet the guidelines established by the law. These laws make it obligatory for the mattress to be allergic free and safe at the same time being eco friendly. While the cost of the Serta Memory Foam Mattress can be a tad above the budget, there are plenty of ways to buy them at matched rates.

    I haven't been able to sleep more than 3 or 4 hours at a time in my bed for several years due to chronic back pain. I old mattress topper was getting worn out and my back pain was becoming worse. The first night on the Serta memory foam mattress topper was such an improvement! I was able to get comfortable right away and slept like a baby for about 6 hours before I had to switch to my recliner. Thank you Serta!

  • On an overall experience the Serta Memory Foam Mattress is very sufficient which means that users will require no longer turn and twist in bed to attain the optimal situation to rest in. While few may find that a normal mattress is comfortably capable of returning the indistinguishable levels of comforts, the right test is observed when it comes to support for the head and back. The Serta Memory Foam Mattress is a good alternate for those people that look for this feature as an added physical wellness benefit. At the best level of comfort and design, the level of thickness varies at near four inches. Users can equate it as an additional layer on the top of their bed if they avoid purchasing a totally brand-new mattress.

    The technology behind the foam mattress is based on Nasa technology that provides soft cushion like material along with enough firmness to support the body and relieving it from pressure at night while you sleep. Traditional mattresses provide comfort and allow you to sleep well but does not provide full coverage and rest all your muscles. Many individuals around the world that use the Serta Memory Foam Mattress have realized that it makes more sense to sleep properly and be comfortable during their slumber. Few individuals have also reported that they have seen improvements in their blood circulation due to the springboard. The main feature of the springboard is that it is devoid of springs. Ironically, the springs and coils have been replaced by latex foam or a relevant material that gives this mattress its unique texture and quality.

  • This article dwells on Serta memory foam mattress reviews. Serta memory foam mattresses have gained popularity recently, due to their comfort levels. The foam inside them bends with the shape of the body, thereby providing comfortable sleep.

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