Anyway, i like seahorse mattresses. cheap and good :)

Brand New Seahorse Foldable Mattress on Carousell

Sweet Sugare Little Seahorse Comfort Fill Mattress Pillow Case Decorative Throw Cover Cushion 20*36

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  • The both of us have been sleeping on these two mattresses for the past 6 days and poor Leong had it worse cus he insisted that I sleep on the seahorse mattress (thanks to Ian and Avrial again!! β™‘) while he survived on the paper-thin one that we got frm NTUC for almost 30bucks πŸ˜–

    So why would Seahorse Household Products - on the very tip of Union Square, in the heart of the Golden Village - devote more than its five per cent of frontage to the English word? After all, its top seller, the Seahorse Mattress, is very firm and is popular almost exclusively to people of Asian descent, according to the shop's manager.

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  • Seahorse Foldable Mattress

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