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I bought a Savvy rest latex mattress and I've loved it every night since.

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  • Seven years ago, I bought a Savvy rest latex mattress and I've loved it every night since. It's so comfortable and I sleep well (literally) knowing that no chemicals were used to make it resist a flame test. However, a few weeks ago, I went to spot clean the mattress cover and when I started to unzip it, the latex from all 3 layers started crumbling off like sawdust. Distressed, I e-mailed Savvy Rest customer service. Originally, I was told the mattress had a lifespan of 20 years: should it be disintegrating so soon??? Customer service was prompt and efficient. I was asked if I could e-mail photos of the crumbling mattress layers. When I did they said it looked like premature oxidation (oxidation happens to latex over time but it shouldn't happen within just 7 years). Taylor at Savvy Rest said they could tell from the photos that it was premature oxidation and that they'd send us a replacement mattress and mattress cover. Two weeks later, we have a brand new Savvy Rest organic Queen sized mattress, new mattress cover included. I have never experienced such excellent customer service. The folks at Savvy Rest truly stand by their product. I'm hoping this one will last us 20 years from today. ;-)

    I bought a Savvy Rest Serenity latex mattress from their Ann Arbor dealer Dragons Lair Futon (firm, firm, medium) and at first it was great. But it sagged and became unsupportive after only 4 yrs. Just regular ole sleeping by a 160lb guy resulted in divot that makes it hammock like. It's on a Ash platform with not at all saggy slats. If you like saggy, buy this bed.

  • When I shared , I told you that it all started with getting a new mattress. And, I have been dying to share the information about that mattress with you! I literally have to control myself from stopping random strangers on the street to tell them about this amazing latex mattress that I discovered. In fact, as I sit here typing this post I’m worried that it’s going to sound too much like an infomercial because of how much I love our Savvy Rest Serenity latex mattress. In a nutshell, here are the main reasons I have fallen head over heels in love with it:

    August 2016 Update: We’ve been sleeping on our Savvy Rest Serenity mattress for 2½ years now. I have not had any regrets about our decision. In fact I want to replace our boys’ mattresses with Savvy Rest latex mattresses soon. I did want to give you an update and hopefully answer some of the questions I’ve received. First, yes, we still love it! The top layer did soften up slightly after the first year (but seems to have remained the same firmness since then.) I would recommend choosing your middle layer a little firmer once you find your perfect configuration. I realized, after my back stopped hurting, I was craving a little more support. I swapped middle layers with Pretty Handsome Guy because he can sleep on anything (or anywhere!) We do try to flip or rotate our top layers every six months. I’m not sure if this is necessary, but it just seems like the right thing to do.

  • Disclosure: After lots of research, I selected a Savvy Rest latex mattress because I was impressed with the product. I approached them about working with me. They agreed to partner with me. I received a complimentary mattress, but I was not told what to write or share. Please know that I am very selective about which companies and products I chose to work with. And I will always disclose partnerships and sponsored posts to you the reader.

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