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Eliosoft Riposo 9 Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress By Magniflex Riposo

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch / Premium / Ultra Plush / Cloud-like Mattress, Queen

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  • The Heavenly Plush is a perfect fit for side sleepers, which make up the largest percentage of sleepers at approximately 63% of the population. Even if you switch between your back and your side, our Heavenly Plush memory foam mattress is a fantastic choice, as it is optimized pressure relief on the shoulders and hips.

    The pressure maps above show a 210lb man on a traditional innerspring mattress and the PlushBeds Heavenly Plush memory foam mattress. The darker colors signify points of pressure.

  • Not too soft and not too firm, the Heavenly Plush memory foam mattress offers a sigh-inspiring "just right" feeling. Our premium, USA made memory foam provides the ideal balance between a plush, cushioning feel and a subtle firmness that ensures the perfect support from head to toe.

    Memory foam stands out as the best mattress material for pressure point relief. Our Heavenly Plush memory foam mattress with a 100% natural latex transitional layer offers 5 full inches of pressure-relieving comfort while eliminating that sinking sensation often experienced with common memory foam mattresses of equal height. Perfect for those who want and deserve the best.

  • This plush comfort memory foam mattress consist of 2.5cm high quality 5lb plush memory foam on 7.5cm high quality 4lb memory foam on 15cm high density supportive foam, protected by a removable knit fabric cover.

Midnight Sun™ Euro Top Plush Memory Foam Mattress By Simmons M89545

PlushBeds memory foam mattresses utilize 4 lb. density memory foam. Our density hits that "sweet spot", striking the balance of a soft, floating, pressure relieving feel of memory foam, with preserving the ability for the foam to last as long or longer than our 25 year warranty. Because we use a transitional layer of extremely stable and supportive natural latex foam, we are able to to tip the scales of comfort in the sleepers favor by using a "just right" 4 lb. density.