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Pinzon Hypoallergenic Overfilled Microplush Mattress Topper - Queen

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  • Wash a pillow top mattress cover made of down feathers or wool in warm water. Use a large washing machine to prevent the cover from tearing. If necessary, take the cover to a laundromat to secure a large enough machine.

    Take a pillow top mattress cover made of memory foam outside, and shake it to remove dust. Place a protective covering on the floor, such as a sheet, and lay the cover on top of it. Use the handheld attachment of a vacuum cleaner to deep clean.

  • Pillow top mattresses have a soft layer stitched on top of the mattress. These beds offer prime comfort, but they can be costly. A pillow top mattress cover will mimic the softness of a pillow top mattress at a much lower cost and will also serve to protect the mattress from wear. Like bed sheets, you should clean a pillow top mattress cover regularly as it can be prone to collecting sweat and dust mites.

    Extremely satisfied with the Microplush Pillow Top Mattress cover! What a difference this makes in the quality of sleep it provides! Worth the money! No regrets!

    Restful Nights ® Synthetic Pillow Top Mattress Cover Found in Many Hampton Inn ® Locations - King Size
    Reg. Price: $89.99

  • See what keeps many Hampton Inn ® guests on cloud nine with the Restful Nights ® Synthetic Pillow Top Mattress Cover and improve your bed without the cost of a new mattress!

MyPillow® Thermoshield Pillowtop Mattress Cover Pad Twin XL

This pillowtop mattress cover is top quality! It is SUPER soft and fits very well. I have already washed it and it washes very well. It has helped to make my child's dorm room mattress comfy. I would highly recommend this product.