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  • As a result, the eucalyptus fibers used in the on the Nook Pebble Lite mattress are superb at wicking away sweat, keeping babies comfy on warmer nights. It’s also silky soft – and eucalyptus is a renewable resource, with low environmental impact.

    The removable Pebble Wrap on the Nook Pebble Lite Mattress is infused with zinc, providing natural resistance to microbes, mites, mold, and fungi, protecting your baby from common allergens.

  • PETE: Don’t be alarmed by the name “polyethylene teraphthalate” – . The PETE used to form the air channels in the Nook Pebble Lite Mattress is Oeko-Tex safety certified, and PETE is commonly used to store foods, since it doesn’t leach any harmful chemicals. You know that chemical smell that some mattresses have? You won’t find it here.

    You’ve established the ideal, serene setting: , , — ! Time to try something new? proposes their to lull your little one into green dreamland. The aesthetically appealing pebbled surface of the mattress promotes air circulation and maximum breathability. Designed with a “unique air layer that fosters oxygen flow inside the mattress,” it also boasts luxurious softness compliments of all-natural eucalyptus fibers. In addition to eucalyptus, other non-toxic materials which comprise the pebble mattress include: 100% , (to reduce microbes, mite and other nasties), , and .

    This item Pebble Twin Mattress is currently unavailable.

  • Fire resistant organic wool sustains the healthy interior of the mattress and the natural latex core is filled with channels that improve the air circulating on a deeper layer while supporting the infant`s body. The form itself rapidly bounces back when weight is removed. This proves the reliability of the Pebble mattress once again. There is one more feature that raises interest: the Eucalyptus fibres used for drawing moisture away from the child`s body and ensuring a good, long, uneventful night`s sleep. Plus, the eco-friendly environmental impact of harvesting eucalyptus is the lowest of any other natural fibre – so it is safe to ask what better mattress is there for your child? Too bad they don`t make them for adults because I would be the first person to change my normal mattress with this incredibly gorgeous sleeping aid.

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The Pebble Air mattress is shipped in a package that’s so skinny and light, I initially didn’t even realize the mattress had arrived! When I opened it up, I saw the mattress carefully protected and curled up inside. After 24 hours, the mattress uncurls and returns to its standard form.