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How can I get a replacement plug for an ozark trail air mattress. The mattress is fine, just missing the p?

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  • My bed is a queen sized Ozark Trail air mattress without a box springs or head board. It is so convenient because I can flop it down anywhere and it inflates within a few minutes.

    It fits nicely in the back of my station wagon, which is currently my home. One thing I like about it is that it is durable and hasn’t ever popped. It also holds 600 pounds comfortably.

    I usually dress it up with satin sheets whenever I have company coming over and this makes it slippery and soft. If you over inflate it then you can use it as a trampoline and play crack the egg and try to bounce the other person out of the hatch back and onto the ground or asphalt.

    There is only one thing I am not pleased with and that is the pump. It is made for a house charger which is useless for me because I live in my car. Sometimes the drive through guy at the local Taco Bell will plug it in through the window for me and allow me to inflate it. It usually only takes as long as making a burrito anyway.

    And if you think about it, air at a gas station isn’t free and so I would rather pay for a burrito and get my bed aired up at the same time. I wish you could manually inflate it with your mouth.

    It also came with a carrying bag with straps like a backpack but I could never get it to fit back into it so now I just use the bag for doing laundry.

    My mattress also makes a enormous party floatation device. It is almost like a raft and sometimes I take several friends out on it with an ice chest full of beer and go fishing. Once I fell asleep while floating down the Brazos river and it literally carried me three counties downstream. I woke up with third degree sunburns all over my body and then it was a nightmare carrying it back to my station wagon.

    The price for this multifunctional bed was only $41. Can you believe that. It is a raft, a bed, and a trampoline with a laundry bag all for one low price of $41. That to me is amazing.

    If I was to rate my bed, I would definitely have to give it a rating of 5 stars and 2 thumbs up. I would recommend this brand of bed to anyone who can’t afford a real one like me. It is so versatile and I love it.

    Ozark Trail air mattresses come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They make framed air mattresses that are great for house guests, kids' sleepovers and camping, an inflatable airbed with an adjustable steel frame and a compact storage case, all sizes of velour air beds that are waterproof with a large exhaust valve for quick deflation, elevated air mattresses that feature an electric build in pump for easy inflation, a folding camp bed and more. Ozark Trail airbeds and mattresses are inexpensive quality equipment that, if treated right, can last a very long time.

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