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Aller-Ease Naturals Organic Cotton Comfort Mattress Pad, Queen

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  • A mattress pad helps protect your organic mattress investment, adding longevity to the mattress.

    We offer a comprehensive selection of organic cotton mattress pads, unbleached cotton pads and pure virgin wool moisture pads. Rest easy knowing you're sleeping on some of the purest materials on earth. For the ultimate in eco-friendly sleep comfort, put a mattress pad on one of our organic mattresses, add a super-comfy topper, and top with clean, pure organic sheets. Sleep clean!

    Our deluxe knit fitted organic cotton mattress pads are soft and stretchy - a thin layer of organic cotton batting lightly quilted between 2 layers of organic cotton knit w/leaves fabric. Fitted style with elastic all around for a snug fit and a 12" depth. Made by Purerest. Machine Wash and Dry.

  • Extra padding on your mattress is sure to help you sleep better at night! Our all natural and organic mattress pads come in wool or cotton and can fit whatever bed you have because these pads come in all sizes (twin to king). Since they're completely waterproof, they're more than just a healthy addition to your bedroom set... They're functional! No matter what you spill, your mattress will always be protected when it's covered with one of the natural or organic pads you'll find below. And if you're adding a new baby to the family, make sure to check out our to make sure your newborn sleeps both comfortable and healthy on their first night home!

    If you want to take advantage of the benefits of organic wool mattress pads, but you don't have the budget to purchase one ready-made, you can make your own. Among their many benefits, wool mattress pads repel allergy-causing dust mites; the mites cannot live in lanolin-rich wool. Wool is highly absorbent, a quality that helps you remain dry and cool during the summer months and warm during the winter months. In addition to these benefits, wool's resilient nature provides excellent lumbar support, as it evenly distributes weight across its surface.

  • Organic Cotton Outer/EcoWool Fill Mattress Pad
    Our wool filled organic cotton mattress pads are 3/4” or 1.5" of natural wool from organically raised sheep and then certified organically processed to keep out contaminants. Our wool is the only wool that is processed on machinery that is not used to process other items such as polyester mixed wool.  Hand tufted for a nice feel. Because it has a natural wool filling, it also works as a bacteria and mildew resistant fiber in addition to being flame retardant. Wool wicks moisture away from your body so this is a good choice for those that may sweat at night yet want a thicker pad. SPOT CLEAN ONLY

    I was recently reading a forum and noticed a person asking where they could get a mattress pad like those made by Naturepedic (she even included a link to the product) for her own, adult-sized bed. There are quite a few people interested in organic cotton mattress pads and toppers, so I thought I’d let you know that we do actually have larger sizes – not just those that fit toddler and .

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