Natural and Organic Latex Crib Mattress by Nook Sleep - Review

What is an organic latex rubber mattress

Pure Core Non-Toxic Mini Crib Mattress with Dry Organic Cotton Cover

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  • It gets even more confusing…some products that claim to use 100% natural latex do have SOME organic latex in their product…just not ALL of it, or ALL of the mattress components. A perfect example is very popular brand of so-called organic latex crib mattresses that uses a toxic glue between the layer of latex and the wool batting material (we hand stitch ours with organic thread). Another brand seals its so-called organic latex crib mattress in a polyethylene coating to make it waterproof. Most of the queen and king size latex mattresses made with so-called organic latex have a chemical-based glue seam down the center of them inside, because it is cheaper for the manufacturer to piece the mattress together than to use a solid core of organic latex like we do at ZooAvenue.

    This organic latex crib mattress will provide your baby with a safe, chemical-free sleep environment. Each crib mattress is made by hand in Soaring Heart’s Seattle showroom. Crafted from the highest-quality materials, including organic natural latex, organic Pacific North West Eco-Wool, and organic cotton. Free of flame retardants.

FloBeds Organic and Natural Latex Mattress