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Naturepedic organic baby crib mattresses feature organic cotton fabric & filling as part of a…

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  • In order to meet federal regulations, before a company can stamp their product with "organic" they have to meet several requirements. This is the case, as well, with organic baby mattresses.

    Babies and children are constantly exposed to chemicals. Most of these chemicals have never been tested for toxicity to babies and young children, so caution is recommended to keep your baby safe from exposure. You might be aware of the chemicals in crib, bassinet, cradle and porta-crib mattresses and are searching for a healthy organic baby crib mattress. Organic is important, but the main thing to determine is whether the mattress is non-toxic. Even organic mattresses can contain unsafe materials.

  • Touted as the most breathable completely organic baby mattress out there, this mattress by Natural Mat also includes a mattress protector. Its interior is filled with coir from the only certified organic coir in the world, and this natural material provides a breathable and supportive middle layer which offers great cushioning and comfort. The outer layer of the mattress is made of lambswool, a feature unique to the company, which is bathed in a soothing mixture of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus. As such, it is completely dust-mite free and will not irritate baby’s smooth skin. Moreover, the lambswool provides excellent thermal insulation for your infant as well, keeping baby warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather. Meanwhile, the organic cotton outer cover included with the mattress is removable and machine washable to kill all bacteria and dust mites as well as remove accumulated fluids from your child.

    An organic baby mattress, on the other hand, tends to not have this issue. Most truly organic and natural crib and infant mattresses use organic or untreated wool as their batting. Wool is naturally mold and mildew resistant. In addition, an organic and natural mattress is breathable due to being made of natural fibers and materials. All of this helps to make a mold or mildew problem highly unlikely.

    Organic Baby Cradle Mattress
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    The most important thing you can do when choosing your baby's bedding is to make sure they are sleeping on a

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    Naturepedic organic baby crib mattresses feature organic cotton fabric & filling as part of a healthier, non-toxic design. Naturepedic avoids the use of latex in our organic crib mattresses for a more allergen-friendly design specifically for babies and children. Our waterproof mattresses, pads, and accessories feature a patented waterproof surface made without harmful chemicals for a hygienic design that is easy to clean. Our innovative construction also passes all federal and state flammability standards without the use of any fire retardant chemicals or flame retardant barriers. In addition to using certified organic components, the entire crib mattress is also certified organic to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). We are proud to offer a on all our Naturepedic crib mattresses. See our range of products above, or use our baby crib mattress selector tool to help you decide which mattress is best for your baby.

Organic baby mattresses bedding and essentials

The most important thing you can do when choosing your baby's bedding is to make sure they are sleeping on a mattress that does not contain toxic chemicals. Our Organic Baby Cradle Mattress are wrapped with wool to make them naturally fire retardant and do not contain any harmful chemicals like other mattresses. This mattress is safe, firm, tightly hand tufted every 4" for a luxurious sleep surface for your baby.