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  • Rounding out our list, the other popular advantage with a natural latex mattress involves allergies, both material and environmental. The ingredients and washing process of quality natural foam remove latex proteins linked to allergies (no cases of allergic reactions have ever been reported to a latex mattress).

    It has been traditionally difficult to find an affordable natural latex mattress, especially in local showrooms. Growing health and green movements have contributed to the rising popularity of natural latex mattresses, and improvements in sourcing and manufacturing have reduced pricing to be competitive with other mid-range mattresses. Unless you are lucky enough to have a local brand of natural latex, the internet is likely your best resource for affordable quality options.

  • One of the biggest trends in the mattress market remains cooling materials like gel and fabrics, all designed to keep sleepers from overheating. Natural latex mattresses were cool before it was cool, however, as the cell structure and makeup proves naturally breathable. Many people concerned about heat with memory foam beds opt instead for latex, as it confers many of the benefits like reduced pressure and motion transfer without sleeping hot. Pairing latex with natural wool and organic cotton enhance breathability and temperature balancing as well.

    The most important item to remember when shopping for a natural latex mattress is to make certain it does not contain any thick covering, quilting or fiber. Some brands of mattresses feature lofty covers to resemble traditional mattresses, and in the process their benefits are greatly reduced.

  • Build your own 100% natural latex mattress, individually suited to meet your needs! First, choose the number of latex layers. Keep in mind that, the fewer the layers, the firmer the feel of your mattress. Then select the firmness level and type for each layer. We offer both 100% natural Dunlop Latex and 100% natural Talalay Latex ranging from extra soft to very firm. Dual sides are available for couples at no additional charge! Call for quotes on custom sizes, and feel free to contact one of our trained Sleep Specialist for configuration recommendations!

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In natural latex mattresses, there are two latex types to choose from: Dunlop and Talalay. Some manufacturers will allow you to combine the two for a truly customized choice.