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Do I Need a Box Spring With My Mattress

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  • Aviya Mattress announces new leadership in Chief Marketing Officer, Justin Smith, and new Chief Financial Officer, Nick Nolan. Both assumed their leadership position in December of 2016. When Aviya Mattress started in 2015, the goal was simple: Create a quality, hybrid innerspring mattress that was available online only at an affordable price. However, the challenge became figuring out how to deliver a real mattress with real springs to customers that were accustomed to purchasing in stores and salesrooms. The other challenge? Build an online mattress company without millions in venture capital or investments. Aviya Mattress started with nothing more than a mattress and an eCommerce website. With Smith and Nolan on board, Aviya Mattress has achieved revenues over six figures per month and has grown sales by over 400%.

    Slats are typically used with mattresses that don't have springs (coils). If you want to go the slat approach and have a mattress with springs, I'd strongly suggest using a thin yet strong sheet like material over the slats. Something like plywood or faux wood paneling.

  • Steel Bed Frames will not support mattresses without box springs- Mattress by themselves are very flexible and pliable and uneven. Mattresses have no ridged structure to keep them from falling through a bed frame including those with center support. Bed frames offer a structural frame parameter rail and in many cases extra support in the middle that work in conjunction with a boxspring to support the mattress.

    OK, so now we get to the moment of truth: is there actually a durable, certified organic non-toxic mattress with no springs, no wool, organic cotton and natural memory foam?

  • Spring-free memory foam mattresses work best on a super hard, non-yielding foundation or platform surface. Mattresses made with innersprings work well on foundations with some give, and in some cases no give (as is the case with ).

No Inner Coil Springs or Metal, ..

Want to feel like you’ve landed on a cloud when you jump into bed? Discover ultimate luxury when you buy twin mattresses with innerspring technology. Get layers of pliant cushioning that support all areas of your body. Or try other incredibly comfy bedding options including designs with latex or . Whatever style you choose, you’ll likely be able to recline in style. Add soft sheets, fluffy pillows and a warm comforter and you’ll be able to create the perfect cozy bedroom experience.