Alternating Air Floatation Mattress Overlay System with Low Air Loss

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Drive Medical Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System, Variable Pressure, 78" x 36"

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  • It is still a further object of this invention to provide a mattress overlay having interface pressures among support sections thereof (i.e. interface of such sections and a user's body) which are relatively independent of a user's body build. It is a further aspect of this invention to provide a mattress overlay which is effective in supporting all parts of a patient's body in all positions thereof. Generally, it is recognized by this invention that at least three characteristics of pads made from foamed materials (such as foamed polyurethane) contribute to the effectiveness of the resulting pad used for supporting patients. Such characteristics are:

    It is yet another object of the present invention to provide an engineered polyurethane mattress overlay which recognizes that adjusting support for a patient's head or foot areas affects the support and pressure dispersion provided to the torso or mid-area of the patient (the reverse affect also being true). Therefore, a further aspect of this invention is to provide an engineered polyurethane mattress overlay which has at least two or more separate support sections which function as an inter-related system (i.e., in a systematized relationship).

  • It is a further object of this invention to provide an engineered mattress overlay which effectively mixes and selects the foregoing characteristics of foam materials (i.e. thickness, ILD, and density) to provide a pad which optimizes pressure dispersion for all parts of a patient's body, generally without regard to the nature of the prone position assumed by the patient (i.e. supine or lateral) or the body build of the patient. It is also an object to devise and provide effectiveness ratings and the like which take into account the inter-relationship of all such three characteristics.

    It is a further goal to provide particular predetermined and different support for different parts of a patient's body in order to most effectively minimize or disperse pressures applied thereto. In accordance with this invention, the general mid-section of a patient's body, the scapula, the sacrum (with the patient in a supine position), and the trochanter (with the patient in a lateral position), are all provided with support geometry which is different from that provided for the head and heels of the patient. Generally, such is achieved by providing a relatively flat foam mattress overlay having a coordinated system design for optimum support of the overall body.

    Medicare code* E0371 - Group 2 Support Surfaces
    Includes DRY FLOATATION sections (4 sections per overlay system), registration card, hand inflation pump, repair kit, operating instructions, and 1 cover (optional)
    Construction flame-resistant, black neoprene (not made with natural rubber latex)
    SKU MATTSYS - Mattress Overlay System
    MATTSECT - Mattress Overlay Section
    Height Approximately 3.25 in. / 8.5 cm without load
    Width 33.75 in. / 86 cm
    Length 75 in. / 190.5 cm
    Weight Mattress Overlay System: 32.0 lbs / 14.5 kg
    Mattress Section: 8 lbs. / 3.6 kg
    Weight Limit There is no weight limit for the Standard Overlay or Bariatric Overlay, yet they must be properly sized to the bed mattress and areas of the individual that require skin/soft tissue protection must be supported by the Standard Overlay or Bariatric Overlay.
    Warranty Mattress Overlay: 24 months
    Cover: 6 months
    Accessories Accessories that can be used with the ROHO DRY FLOATATION Mattress Overlay:
    ROHO Mattress Overlay Foam Insert Pads and ROHO Leveling Pads

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    Another exemplary embodiment in accordance with this invention concerns a multi-section mattress overlay for supporting in a systematized manner all parts of a patient received thereon, the mattress comprising a generally rectangular body of foam material defining an essentially flat support surface for receiving a patient in a substantially longitudinal, prone position thereon; at least three longitudinally-spaced sections formed in the support surface, each of the sections having at least one uniform, predetermined load-bearing characteristic which is selected with respect to that of each other section for establishing the systematized support provided by the overlay; and grid-shaped cuts formed in the support surface of the body so as to define substantially rectangular projections therein, the cross-sectional area of such projections being constant over a given section but varying with the three sections so as to determine the load-bearing characteristics thereof.

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