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My Green Mattress - Pure Echo Organic Cotton Natural Mattress (twin)

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  • Probably not organic. Maybe the cotton is so they call the whole mattress organic which is deceiving. If your whole mattress is organic the law label on it will say ” certified organic”. Lots of smoke and mirrors. It probably is full of chemicals and not organic at all. . Research on the manufacturers website not the retailers. The green washing in this industry is unbelievable. Certified organic does not outgas.

    Just wanted to do an update on which crib mattress we finally decided on. We went with a latex crib mattress with organic wool and cotton from SleepEZ (located in AZ, can order online or by phone). Great service, very reasonable prices and also got 5% off for being a member of The Mattress Underground (btw, excellent site for learning everything you need to know and more about mattress shopping!). On a side note, I would have to concur with Bob Kidd on the false claims made by Essentia. In the end, I did not feel comfortable purchasing from them.

  • What about “organic”? The U.S. Department of Agriculture allows companies to claim that a mattress is organic if the natural fibers it contains were cultivated according to guidelines of USDA’s National Organic Program. You may see USDA’s well-known certified organic seal or certification of the National Organic Program on the label. But neither guarantees that the entire mattress is free of ingredients that may cause concern.

    Hi Bev, We at My Green Mattress are very open and honest about our products. We do not claim to have certified organic mattresses. We are a small mattress factory that handcrafts our mattresses with organic cotton fabric, organic cotton comfort layering, natural wool, and natural latex. We do not use any synthetic foams or spray our mattresses with any flame retardant chemicals. The odor that Doreen is noticing is not off gassing chemicals, it is a natural odor from the wool, that can be more pronounced during the humid summer months. We are recommending that she leave her mattress out in the sun to help alleviate the problem. Thanks for weighing in. Cindy

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    On the other hand organic mattresses contain nontoxic, pesticide-free materials such as cotton, wool andnatural latex rubber. These mattresses are eco-friendly and people who sleep onnatural mattresses using organic materials like natural wool and latex, tossand turn significantly lesser and enjoy better quality of sleep.

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With almost 1/3 of our lives spent in bed, what we sleep on does affect us. Your mattress is a long term investment in your comfort and health. are made of organic latex, organic cotton and . The components of our organic mattresses, cotton, wool and latex, are cultivated using NO pesticides and are manufactured using chemical-free processes. Our organic mattresses use organic wool to meet 1633 fire retardant regulations, as opposed to harmful flame resistant chemicals. Organic mattresses are hypo-allergenic, durable and biodegradable. Organic mattresses are characterized by their ability to support the body and alleviate pressure, while simultaneously regulating body temperature to help you sleep warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. By purchasing an organic mattress, you help to reduce your carbon footprint, as well as the amount of harmful toxins in the air. You also commit to a healthy sleep strategy, which prioritizes your?well-being?and sleep with cost-effective solutions.