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  • This invention relates to mattresses and, more particularly, to a massaging mattress assembly for massaging various parts of a user's body while lying down.

    The objects of the present invention can be attained with a kind of massaging mattress, comprising an elastic stuffing and a compound covering, between which is arranged an array composed of wooden beads alternating with magnets, said array being connected by ropes to form a layer of net, which in turn is stuck onto said elastic stuffing by a certain kind of glue.

  • Accordingly, a need remains for a massaging mattress assembly in order to overcome the above-noted shortcomings. The present invention satisfies such a need by providing a massaging mattress assembly that is convenient and easy to use, practical and effective in design, has therapeutic qualities, and has an eye-catching design. Such an assembly massages and sooths sore muscles, relieves tension, and improves circulation in the body, which is vital for preventing sore muscles. The assembly allows a person to enjoy a complete and fulfilling massage with minimal effort. The height adjustable rollers thereof allow an individual to easily target virtually any pain afflicted area of the body. The assembly also eliminates the need for and the hassle associated with going to a professional masseuse or a chiropractor, which can become costly. Such a massaging mattress assembly finds particular appeal among persons with muscle pains due to work or injury, and also among arthritis sufferers.

    In view of the foregoing background, it is therefore an object of the present invention to provide a massaging mattress assembly. These and other objects, features, and advantages of the invention are provided by a massaging mattress assembly for massaging various parts of a user's body while lying down.

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  • The massaging mattress assembly includes a mattress that has a top, a head end, and a plurality of slots that are spacedly disposed in the top. A headrest assembly is removably attached to the head end of the mattress. A roller assembly is disposed in the slots of the mattress. The roller assembly includes base members that are disposed in the slots and also includes ball members upon which a user lies. A vibrating assembly is disposed in said mattress.

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