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Folding Pack-n-Play Mattress by Sproutwise Kids -- Latex Core (25" Width) -- Soft Bamboo Cover With Waterproof Liner

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  • 2) Latex adjusts to your weight to keep your body & back properly aligned. Latex literally 'pushes back' up against your skin like rubber. It both supports curves while allowing for pressure point relief for the parts of your body that sink deepest into the mattress. Solid latex core mattress provide good support system.

    This top selling Organic Cotton and Wool Latex Core Dreamton Mattress is made with 3″ of Oeko-Tex Certified Latex wrapped in 100% USDA Organic cotton, 1.5″ of 100% Virgin wool and encased in sturdy organic cotton twill. No wonder it’s especially comfortable and popular!

Baby Organic Coconut Latex Mattress