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  • Everyone needs to sleep, and it's not easy to achieve a comfortable and consistent sleeping setup--that's why having a good mattress is widely accepted as a noble endeavor. Fortunately, our mattress sale is ready to help you out with our numerous high-quality offerings that will suit your needs perfectly. Need a compact but so-very-comfortable unit for a dorm room or apartment? Take a look at one of our several twin size mattresses ready to help you fall right asleep--and their size makes them perfect choices for apartments, dorm rooms, and rooms for the kids! Queen size and king size mattresses are readily available for your needs as well. Plus, all of our mattresses are each geared towards a certain type of sleeper, providing either a firm or more plush sleeping surface. Make sure you know what your personal preferences are before committing to buy--it'll save you lots of trouble!

    The Harrison paradise is a pillow top turn free mattress manufactured in Yorkshire, using the finest quality natural fillings and spring technology. Using a total of 4000 springs (in a king size mattress) a mixture of 2000 Hd springs, 1000 Posturfil springs and 1000 of the patented Harrison Revolution Springs help to create a luxurious feel.

  • King size mattresses are the largest of the standard mattress sizes. They measure 76- by 80-inches, providing spacious comfort even for couples sharing the bed. Being the largest size, the King size is usually the most expensive of any given model. But because of the popularity of the King, the value when you look at cost per square inch is usually second only to the Queen size. That means for your money, you are actually getting more with the King mattress than most of the smaller sizes. And with an investment like a mattress, getting a good value and a good comfort is much more important than comparing initial price tags.

    As the largest of the standard mattress sizes, the King is ideal for couples where one or both partners are active sleepers, causing them to disrupt the other sleeper in smaller beds. The King size is almost exactly the width of two Twin XL size beds put side by side, meaning plenty of space on each sleeper's half of the bed. So whether you're looking for a good value, extra space, or just the most luxurious sleep possible, King mattresses are the largest size commonly manufactured and the epitome of comfort in the master bedroom.

    1. One side is soft and one side is firm. That was exactly what I was looking for. My husband likes a firm mattress and I like a soft mattress. We discovered that getting two xl twin mattress to replace our King Mattress would be just the ticket! The last two nights have been superior!

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    King sized mattress. Clean and presently wrapped in clear wrap. Only used for one year. make an offer

  • Freemont, CA -- () -- 03/20/2017 --Layla Sleep, an American mattress company who specializes in copper infused dual firmness memory foam mattresses have announced discounts on their highly sought after products. In welcoming spring, they have offered all their customers $60 off their mattress purchase. This means that if one buys a twin size mattress, they are saving nearly a fifth of the original price. Similarly, purchase of the King size mattress, saves nearly a tenth of the total price.

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Recharge Your Batteries. Choose this King mattress from the Miracle Foam Rejuvenate II collection and wake up feeling refreshed, invigorated and ready ...