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  • Sleeping Giant Mattress Company opened in 2016 with the goal of offering the local area great mattresses with good warranties at a great value – no hidden agendas and no games.

    Corey Bryant, president of Sleeping Giant Mattress Company, is a native of Western Massachusetts, has over two decades of sales and management experience in a wide variety of industries including mattress sales, telecommunications and finance. Corey resides in Pulaski with his lab and bernese mountain dog.

  • The giant floating mattress is a large inflatable mattress looking device where you and your family can lounge about on the lake and drink beer and grape juice, and enjoy life where it is meant to be enjoyed, on a mattress. The giant floating mattress ties the best of both worlds together, your bed, the lake, and booze. No longer will you need to get out of your bed to get drunk, just reach into your pillow and grab a new beer. The giant floating mattress is made from durable tear resistant material, and has an inflatable two chamber PVC bladder, features 4 sturdy handles on the sides of the raft for easy boarding, and inflates with a standard pump. Note the cooler seems to be a seperate purchase, you can find the . Check out the giant floating mattress, aka the Aqua Glide Airport in action via the video below.

    The Sleeping Giant mattress cover by itself rolls up into a single tube shaped roll, like many of the other mattresses. It doesn't have a separate stuff sack, but includes a protective cover sewn into the end of it that wraps around your completed roll and affixes the whole enchilada nicely with a buckle strap. Cinch straps wrap around either end of the roll to ensure it stays as one neat little package. Of course, this system is actually mattresses packed up, but the QCore SLX that we used packs into a very small little stuff sack. The size of both combined was roughly in the middle of the products we tested here, so we gave it 6 out of 10.

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