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DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress, Full Size, Black

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  • This full sized futon mattress is med-firm mattress, that is 8" high with high density fibre foam, then layered with cotton batting. Cover is either natural or black. 6 1/2 oz. 100% poly cover. Full size, 54 x 75". 60 lbs.

    One of the best new adaptations is the full futon mattress. Previously, only a thin layer of padding was offered with most of the models available in furniture showrooms. It made this type of furniture highly versatile, but also uncomfortable as a place to sit or lie down upon. The turning point came when mattress manufacturers got involved in the design and creation of a more comfortable top. As they had many years of experience in the area of rest and comfort, there are now options available to suit even the most delicate of constitutions.

  • In the past, futons were only available in a standard size and style. Nowadays, a custom model can be purchased almost as readily as a standard offering. Of course they are also available with a special order full futon mattress to complete the set. These come in many different thicknesses, depending on what the customer is looking for. Foam makes up the bulk of the construction, but other materials are also used to make the unit softer or firmer. Such features as individual coils like those used in a traditional mattress have now been incorporated in those of a futon. These can help the body to better adjust to the pad, making for a more restful night’s sleep.

    Futons are light, easy to move, and cost-effective. With the new advances in mattresses, they are also a more comfortable place to rest. The latest designs include special foam combined with other elements to create a padding layer of a superior quality. Full futon mattresses have come a long way since the earliest models. They are a great addition to any home or apartment due to the many options that are afforded the homeowner. And now with the better quality topping, they can also be used as the main bed in the house.

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  • It is a Duct Cotton Full Futon Mattress that has got a black finish, box border construction and lace tufted. It measures 8 inches high by 53 inches wide and 75 inches long. It is made of cotton and polyester.

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Full sized futon mattress with 522 independently enclosed coils, 8 inches thick, VERY Comfortable. Free Shipping. Black, Brown, & Beige. Microfiber cover.