Alternate rotating and flipping your mattress as illustrated.

Wish I saw this before buying last night.My $2500.00 no flip mattress lasted almost 6 years.

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  • So how do you flip a mattress? Do you flip it the long way, or the short way? What way did you rotate your mattress last time? This past weekend, I came up with an easy system that is pretty straight forward and will help you remember when and how to flip your mattress.

    It’s often easy to forget whilst balancing our everyday to do’s and crazy lives that flipping our mattress is pretty important. It’s recommended that any mattress whether spring based, foam and more be flipped every three months to not only keep your mattress in shape but to also enable you to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer giving you the perfect night’s sleep. So here are seven reasons and techniques as to why you should flip your mattress and give it a try yourself.

  • Now you’re all set up. Start by positioning the corner marked with a 1 in the “key” corner. Next, on the first of every month, simply flip your mattress so that the next number is positioned over the “key”. From 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4 and finally 4 back to 1. Depending on how often you wash your bed sheets, you could simply flip your mattress every time the sheets are stripped from your bed.

    We marked our mattress with arrows centred along the bottom edge of the mattress. if the arrow points towards the head of the bed/at the foot, we flip in that direction. Once flipped, we’ll see a new arrow going left/right in the same place. That’ll be the direction we’ll flip next. The arrows are cleverly designed to ensure that we’re flipping the mattress in an even-wear pattern.

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  • and can benefit from rotating, owner experience data suggests, despite claims from some manufacturers that it is not necessary. Given the potentially heavy weight of these mattresses, rotating can be difficult and require more than one person. In regard to flipping, most models have a no-flip one-sided design. A small number of owners, nevertheless, flip their mattress in an attempt to combat sagging.

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Although the American Scientist Online article concludes there's no golden rule for mattess flipping, we at LifeHacker know better. The best way to flip a mattress is to take out a permanent marker and make two dots, one on each side. Put the first dot on the bottom left corner and the second on the other side in the upper left corner as it faces away from you. (Yes, both dots are on the left.) By breaking the symmetry in this way, you can create a golden rule for flipping. Whenever you change your sheets, follow these rules.