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Englander Finale 10-Inch Innerspring Mattress - Enjoy a Super Soft & Comfy Sleep - Ideal for Kids & Guest Beds - The Best Cheap Mattress for a Peaceful Night's Sleep - Beige - Queen - Made in USA

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  • So: Englander mattress, bought from Seattle store. Flame retardant chemicals in this mattress? Possible Answers to use: Yes/No/I Don’t Know/I’ll Find Out. Thanks

    I have seen Englander mattresses on craigslist that are described as “pure latex”. Above you state the company only uses natural latex, so it that just an error from the person posting, or do other plants use the synthetic? Do you know if any of Englanders mattresses contain flame retardant chemicals? Thanks!

  • I purchased an Englander mattress in 2011, having gotten the misimpression that this was a small, family owned American manufacturer. The mattress began to sag badly right away. Thanks to the intervention of the store where I bought the mattress, they eventually agreed to replace it, BUT only after making me pay approx. $200 to have it driven by truck from their then-headquarters in Massachusetts instead of from the local store. The driver would not take it past the curb, leaving my daughter and me to drag it up to the second floor of the house. Also, they would not remove their defective mattress. The replacement mattress is as bad as the first one, and I see that the store where I bought it no longer carries this brand, doubtless because of the complaints. I wish I could attach a picture of this saggy mattress. No amount of regular rotating and flipping the mattress will correct the sags. I wake up more tired than I go to bed because of the discomfort of sleeping on this mattress. I am ready to cut my losses and buy something new once I do better research this time around.

    Carlos Q

    We purchased our Englander mattress in 2015. Right away the sides of the bed started to sag. We put in a claim and we got denied for the exchange. They had sent someone out to look at at it a d you can clearly see the edges of the bed had broken down. No stains on the mattres and we can't understand why they wouldn't exchange it. I am a disabled Vietnam Vet....this company has no compassion and should honor their warranty.

  • I have been looking sat an Englander latex mattress (king size) firm at a dealer here in Eugene. However, I cannot see how you would flip the mattress since it has a think layer of natural latex over a soy foam. How does this compare to a completely made natural latex? Can anon answer please. My PT suggested that latex would be the best thing for my back. Normally I am a side and stomach sleeper but hope with a base that will raise at head and leg area I can learn to sleep on my back.

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We purchased our Englander mattress 3.5 years ago and it is as perfect as the day it was delivered. It is a one sider and has absolutely no lumps or sagging.It is supremely comfortable and we are very happy with our investment.