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Eva Medical Egg Crate Convoluted Foam Mattress Pad - 3" Thick EggCrate Mattress Topper (Hospital Bed Twin Size) - Made in USA

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  • The EggCrate Foam Mattress Pad assures that body weight is allocated evenly, allowing for pressure redistribution. Proprietary Eggcrate cut promotes air circulation for enhanced comfort. The Egg Crate Mattress Pad fits standard hospital or twin bed. 32"W x 72"L, 1.2 density polyfoam. Roller compressed package.

    Individuals that have back pain, had back surgery or have chronic pain and need extra support, would find a great benefit using an egg crate foam mattress pad, as it can help relieve the pain that often starts while sleeping.
    The bumps and dips offer breathability, shock resistance, good support and reduction of pressure points, bed sores and heating during sleep.
    Egg crate mattress foam pads are also great in dorm rooms or other places where mattresses may not be as comfortable as the ones that we have in our homes. To put it straight, any mattress can be made more comfortable using an egg crate mattress pad.

  • First thing first: egg crate technology is only used to make toppers and pads, not mattresses. If someone is selling you an egg crate mattress, walk away.
    Egg crate foam mattress pads are made of closed or open cell foam (depending on the manufacturer) built into an ‘egg carton’ like shape, with bumps and dips evenly distributed across the surface. The back of the pad is completely flat, so you can of course not flip this topper.

    The eco- friendly Egg Crate Foam Mattress Pad offer first rate weight distribution, is supportive, comfortable as well as a great relief to pressure. With no dependence on petroleum which is becoming scarce as the days go by, this latest technology in foam mattresses use plant based material to provide the comfort and quality every customer needs. It leaves behind only an etch of the ecological footprint which is far better than the conventional methods used. As this is vacuum packed it takes longer time to come to the normal size. But once that happens, then it is eternal bliss for the user and it can be cut in any shape to fit in any furniture.

  • Along with bamboo mattress covers, they are perfect if your problem is excessive night sweating, humidity or heat, or if somebody needs to spend a lot of time in bed. It can also be helpful to make sleeping more comfortable for pregnant women who may find the excess pressure on their hips when sleeping on a traditional mattress very uncomfortable. An egg crate foam mattress pad can be used on top of a mattress, or even on top of a mattress topper to increase comfort and reduce the accumulation of body heat on a foam pad.

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