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  • I did not try the Dux mattress or inquire about its special construction details. I was interested in their linens. They were beautiful and very expensive ($95-$150 pillowcases). Beautiful sheeting and duvet cover fabrics are available for the boudoir by special order. This is a lovely showroom on Fillmore Street catering to those customers willing to treat themselves extravagantly. Nice, but not something you do on a budget.

    We shopped around a bit and my wife really liked the Dux mattress in the store, so we decided to buy it despite the very high price. After waiting for two weeks, we finally got the mattress. The first night it seems really soft but we thought we were adjusting. Now a week later and we have both concluded that the mattress is awful and not the same as what we tried in the store. It has no support (even though we have "firm" inserts) at all -- the heavy parts of your body just sink into the mattress.

    When we went to Duxiana to get help, we were told that we were out of luck. Even though our mattress is not at all like what they have in the store, they wouldn't exchange our mattress. They also wouldn't give our money back. Their advice was "sell it on Craigs list."

    The quality and service at Duxiana are absolutely atrocious. This would be unacceptable if you were buying a $1k mattress. For a $6k mattress, it is beyond belief. Stay away!

  • duxiana makes the best beds i know of. of course hasten's is good too...and starwood hotels heavenly beds, available for purchase are good too.

    in general i am a sucker for wanting good stuff, the kinda victim places like duxiana would love to have...

    but i tell you, these beds are great.

    i also bought some mattresses from a shop in san francisco called mcroskey (sp?) much as i wanted to love them, i felt they were a waste of money...

    DUXIANA is it. i have bought two entry level mattresses and one top of the line one...

    guess which i like most. The cheapest one is the best. Of course for those who have been to the shop, you know by the time they deliver it to you, and you pay the taxes, and the tips to the delivery guys, these mattresses still cost you around $5,000.

    I am not even going to say how much the top of the line mattress costs...

    The shop on Fillmore is fine. They deal with a lot of rich people, and then people like me who just want a good bed. I really liked the previous owner -- forgot his name...he was very nice and even came to my home once. I am sure the new people are good too. Regardless i have had very good experience at this shop.

    In summary, i highly recommend DUXIANA mattresses. But stick to the entry level model. Sometimes i find myself getting out of the most expensive version, and running to the entry level one and feeling totally at ease.

    My current bed hates me and belongs in Gitmo as an enhanced interrogation technique. So, when I say that I am in the market for a new mattress- I mean it!

    One day, I was out running errands in Pacific Heights. As I was walking down Fillmore, my eyes spotted the Dux mattress showroom. A new mattress? Yay! I felt like a parched man in the desert who just might have found his oasis...WRONG!

    When I walked into this establishment, there were zero customers. You could here a pin drop. The manager and a worker (who bore a striking resemblance to the great Meryl Streep) were in the back of the showroom. I briefly perused the linens in the front- waiting to be greeted. Then, I realized that no such salutation was coming my way anytime soon.

    I was unfamiliar with the Dux Bed prior to entering the showroom and was looking for an introduction to the brand. So, I walked over to the manager and employee (who I will refer to as Meryl). While the manager just keeps his head down, Meryl looks at me with a confused expression. The conversation went thusly:

    Meryl: "Yes?" (I'm thinking, well hello to you too, Meryl)
    Me: "Hi, what do you sell?"
    Meryl: Mattresses and linens. *just stares back*
    Me: "Can you show me your mattresses?"

    Meryl then took me around the showroom and showed me three bed models. She was not very knowledgeable about her brand and was particularly unaware of how the Dux Bed compares with other brands. If you want me to spend a ridiculous amount on your brand of mattress, I need to know a few things. Like, Why you? Why not brand x,y, or z?

    I really wanted to like "Meryl" because I love the real Meryl Streep, but the worker was incredibly condescending the entire time. She made me feel like my questions were keeping her from doing something else very important. She made me feel like I did not belong in such an establishment, even though she confessed SHE can't even afford their product with her employee discount!

    The mattresses were pretty nice. I really did appreciate the quality of the product. That being said, these beds are incredibly expensive. And in my humble opinion, not worth it. I will pay for quality. But I won't buy something expensive just because it is expensive.

    In the end, I would not recommend this store because I have found more comfortable mattresses elsewhere. But perhaps more importantly, I will not overpay for something in order to support an establishment that does not care about customer service from the outset. Bad customer service prior to a transaction tells me that after you have my money, you really won't give a damn. (See Alex S. review)

  • I don’t dare switch on my Fitbit at night, I did once after a night of cocktails and the results were horrendous! I think we both need a DUX mattress!

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The reason the Dux mattress works so well is that it is supple enough to conform to the shape of your body. The reason it breaks so easily is that springs that can instantly conform to the shape of your body when you move are fragile. I have 4 broken springs in my Dux mattress. They protrude through the cover. The 20 year warranty is a pro-rated one.