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Home Sweet Home Dreams Thick Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Bed Mattress Topper, Queen, 2" H

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  • Featherbed/Down mattress toppers are usually made up of combination of geese and duck feathers and down usually found under their feathers to maintain loft. Feathers made the bulk of the filling with down as a smaller portion.

    Featherbed/Down mattress toppers are considered as the softest toppers. They are not firm enough as support and loft is often lacking. They are not a good fit for people with weight as it compresses under the weight.

  • Featherbed/Down mattress toppers are usually not easy to maintain and clean as machine wash can considerably reduce their life. Only dry cleaning is recommended. It is also required to fluff and shake to keep their loft.

    You don't have to buy a new mattress to make sure you get a good night's sleep - rejuvenate your old mattress with a down filled mattress topper. While a mattress topper won't compensate for that is passed its best, it will help to prolong the life.

    Feather & Down Mattress Topper (Hypoallergenic) Double
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  • Feather & Down Mattress Topper (Hypoallergenic) Double

    The Goose Feather and Down Mattress Topper from Nimbus is designed to prolong the life of your mattress, offering increased comfort while you sleep. The top layer consists of 90% goose down and 10% feather and the bottom layer consists of 100% goose feather. Covered in a luxury 100% cotton 240 thread count casing.

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There is a misconception that fiberbed is actually a bed but in fact it is a type of mattress topper. To be more precise these mattress toppers are more like thick mattress pads and if truth be told then most people say that one can sleep in peace here. These toppers are more commonly known as down alternative mattress topper. You will see that these toppers are very soft in nature and hence help to sleep better but always remember to place them over hard mattresses.