Down Alternative Mattress Topper

Grand Down All-season Queen-size Down Alternative Mattress Topper

Home Sweet Home Dreams Thick Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Bed Mattress Topper, Queen, 2" H

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  • The Down Alternative Mattress Topper is made from hypoallergenic polyester with high crimp, so it's extra-soft like down but allergen-free and considerate to your skin.

    Having begun by selling exclusively , Zen Bedrooms has since branched out to offer bed frames, pillows, comforters and other bedroom accessories. An underrated and often forgotten piece for the bedroom is the mattress topper, which can turn a restless night’s sleep into tranquil slumber. A topper is a quick, cheap and easy way to boost the comfort and support that you want each night. Read on to find out more about the qualities of the down alternative mattress topper that Zen Bedrooms has to offer.

  • Down Alternative Mattress Toppers mimic the feel of real or synthetic . They offer the same warmth and texture as our real , and are as equally light-weight. Our all-season Down Alternative Mattress Topper is hypoallergenic and therefore provides relief to those who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin. The insolation level of this topper is also high, keeping you warm for longer and ensuring comfort by reinforcing the contours of your body.

    In addition to this, our Down Alternative Mattress Topper is created in the mock baffle form. A ‘baffle’ is an internal fabric wall within the topper that separates the top and bottom layers of the fabric. The wall adds both loft and strength to the duvet. This means that the topper has more give and allows you to move about in bed with minimum strain on the material. A mock baffle form means that there are pockets of polyester clusters, but these are not completely sealed so allow for air circulation throughout the night. This means that our topper is suitable for summer and winter. This topper is easy to clean and with a 230 thread count is extra soft.

  • The Down Alternative Mattress Topper is just as soft as down, but it's hypoallergenic, so you can sleep soundly without fear of skin irritation or disturbances from allergens.

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Add a layer of luxury to the top of your mattress and sleep in comfort with the ISOLUS 3-in Down Alternative Mattress Topper. Three inches of plush down alternative fill is wrapped in pure cotton to create a dreamy sleep surface. The key to the softness of this fiber-bed is ultra soft down alternative filling that offers the coziness of down without allergens, odors or the discomfort of quills.