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Intex Inflatable Fabric Camping Mattress with Built-In Pillow, 72.5" x 26.5" x 6.75"

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    , barely perceptible blemishes. The perfect solution for tent-less camping and hunting trips, the AirBedz 6'6" compact Inflatable air mattress fits into a variety of different truck beds. A comfort coil system distributes weight across the 12" thick mattress for a great night's sleep.

  • said tubular members have an inflated cross-sectional diameter less than about 2.5 inches. 3. A lightweight, compact air mattress as defined in claim 2 wherein,

    lightweight material; and each said tubular member having a relatively small diameter cross-section and each said tubular member having valve means formed for operation from open to closed position while a positive air pressure is maintained on the volume of air inside said tu bular member to enable complete inflation of the relatively low volume, small diameter tubular members, and each said tubular member being formed. of thin, lightweight material with said valve means accessible to said openings for inflation of said members while in said casing. 2. A lightweight, compact air mattress as defined in claim 1 wherein,

  • Again, it is not the purpose of the present invention to form the inflatable tubular members of a material having sufficient strength or wall thickness to prevent puncturing. This approach, as above outlined, results in a mattress which is too heavy and/or bulky. Therefore, as used herein in connection with the inflatable tubular members the term thin" shall mean a member having a wall thickness between about 0.005 inches and about 0.012 inches. Additionally, the expression relatively small diameter as used in connection with the inflatable tubular members of the present invention shall means members having an inflated cross-sectional di ameter less than about 2.5 inches. The independently inflatable and deflatable nature of the plurality of tubular members, the small diameter cross-section, and the thin, lightweight material from which the tubular members are made, all combine to enable the formation of a lightweight, compact air mattress suitable for backpacking by functioning on the basic principle that puncturing of the inflatable elements will occur and can be tolerated. While other inflatable mattress constructions have recognized that puncturing can occur, they have gone to great lengths to prevent and minimize the possibility of puncturing. Thus, a plurality of layers of material or combinations of material and rubber have been employed to prevent puncturing. In the present invention, casing 21 is very lightweight, as are tubular members 31. Accordingly, the backpacker must expect that puncturing of a tubular element will periodically occur. When puncturing does happen, however, only a single element will normally be affected at any one time, and the small diameter of the tubular elements will cause the weight of the camper to be supported on closely adjacent members. A camper may, therefore, experience a puncture of an element in the middle of the night and still be comfortably supported on the adjacent elements throughout his nights sleep. In the morning, the camper will merely remove the punctured element and replace the same with a spare tubular element or merely patch or repair the damaged element with a simple repair kit. The reduction in diameter of the inflatable tubular members additionally has an attendant savings in bulk and weight. It has been found highly advantageous to form tubular elements 31 from polyvinyl chloride having a wall thickness of 0.008 inches. Polyvinyl chloride can be readily sealed along edges 33 (best seen in FIG. 4) by heat sealing equipment and valve means 32 can be readily incorporated into the polyvinyl chloride tube by heat sealing or adhesives to provide the inflatable member.

A futon mattress on a firm base will usually offer good support

3 Claims, 5 Drawing Figures I LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT AIR MATTRESS BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION In recent years there has been a considerable increase in the interest in outdoor camping of all kinds and, more particularly, there has been a substantial increase in the interest in backpacking. As the name implies, backpacking depends upon the ability of an individual to carry in a pack on his back all of the items which he will need on a camping trip. A backpack will typically weigh between 40 and 60 pounds, depending upon the size of the individual and the length and nature of the camping trip. Although the weight of the backpack may vary, there is almost always an extreme premium placed upon the use of lightweight and low volume equipment. As a result, numerous lightweight products have been developed for use by the backpacker, including tents, cooking equipment, food, sleeping bags, and the like.