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Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress -150 Extra Firm Coils, Hypoallergenic, Durable Waterproof Cover, Crib Fit Tested, 52"x28"

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  • Have you grown tired of replacing mattresses that lose their support after the first few years? At The Futon Shop we have pioneered and hand crafted chemical free mattresses for over 40 years and can say with experience that chemical free coconut coir is a superior choice for durability when compared to any mattress ingredient. No matter how you customize your layering including a Coconut base will ensure that your mattress lasts the maximum life expectancy of 20+ years. See our line of coconut coir mattresses and learn more about the benefits of their ingredients below.

    The Most Durable and Supportive Chemical Free Mattresses Available With No Fire Retardants, No Need For a Dr. Note, Chemical Free and Petro Chemical Free All Natural Hand Crafted Coconut Coir Mattresses and Futons Covered With a case made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric

  • Gilligan and the other castaways may have been on the cutting edge of sleep technology on that lonely island and not even known it? The captains little buddy and other castaways made use of whatever their uncharted deserted island provided them. Sustainable natural resources like palm tree fronds made roofs for their huts and bamboo was used for nearly all their construction. However those ship wrecked survivors including the professor may have overlooked the import uses of what we know today as coir or coconut husks. It’s most comfortable use is that of several bedding applications including coir mattresses and mattress under-layments.

    We are a settled association occupied with supplying an exceptional scope of Rubberised Coir Mattress or Rubberised Coir Sheet. To suit the differing necessities of our clients,

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    The Coir Foam Mattresses are made out of Natural Coir fibre compressed in high density. There are va ...

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    Springwel Techno coir Mattress is a perfect combination of coir fiber and PUF Foam to prevent sagging. The porous structure of its core dosen’t absorbs liquids and allows free

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Thanks to the vast tracts of coconut farms and hundreds of coir industries, Coimbatore district, especially Pollachi, has been home to coir mattress making companies.