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Natural Mat Coco Mat

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  • The quilted cotton cover on the Coco Mat Crib Mattress is removable and machine washable, so you can keep your little one's mattress sparkling clean at all times.

    The coconut fibers in the Coco Mat Crib Mattress are chosen for their superior breathability and airflow, which keeps your baby's temperature regulated through the night. This make the Coco Mat Crib Mattress an especially great choice for newborns, who need a lot of breathability to keep them cool and comfy.

  • Made with organic coconut fibers, organic lambswool, and a natural cotton cover, the Coco Mat Crib Mattress is an eco-friendly treat for your little one. All materials are completely chemical-free, guaranteeing your baby a safe and healthy place for a snooze.

    Naturalmat mattresses are handmade in Devon, England using 100 percent organic and sustainable raw materials without any synthetic materials or chemicals. The Coco Mat organic crib mattress is the most breathable mattress in the line. It’s filled with organic coir, a material made from coconut husks coated in natural latex, which creates a supportive and breathable layer. Then it’s wrapped in certified organic lambswool, a temperature regulating and breathable fabric. Naturalmat mattresses meet fire safety standards with wool batting. We love that it comes with a 100% organic cotton removable cover, that’s machine washable. This organic crib mattress is suitable for newborns up to 18 months old.

  • Just add these healthy coconut ingredients to a quality crib, and you’ve got the recipe for healthy sleep! The Naturalmat Organic Coco Mat Crib Mattress measures 52” x 28”, fitting any standard-sized baby crib, and are packaged in biodegradable and recyclable materials. And each mattress is handmade with love in Devon, in the UK.

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And then there’s coconut coir: this natural fiber, derived from the husks of coconuts, is a superb support material for mattresses. Lots of crib mattresses on the market are saturated with gross stuff that you don’t want your baby breathing in, so lots of parents are going organic, and many of the best organic crib mattresses are stuffed with coconut coir, including the handmade, all-natural Naturalmat Organic Coco Mat Crib Mattress.