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  • So a chiropractor mattress is a mattress that has the approval of an established chiropractors’ association to provide a healthy position for your back during sleep. So it is a form of orthopedic mattress that has the endorsement of chiropractors or chiropractic organisation, with the emphasis being on the latter if you want a mattress that is specifically chiropractor approved. By the same token, you can ignore a mattress that is claiming to be a chiropractor mattress unless there is a verified seal of approval from a chiropractic organisation, or unless you have personal approval from your own chiropractor that the mattress is of sufficient standard. This being said, it is always a good idea to ask the vendor at the store where you want to buy a mattress that will protect your spine, if that mattress’s claim of being back – friendly is actually backed up by specialists.

    If you find yourself suffering from back pain, or you want to get the best support for your back now then knowing what a chiropractor mattress is can be very important when it comes to acquiring a good mattress to provide comfort and support to your back and body.

  • “There are a wide variety of comfort preferences. It’s very subjective,” says Brian Darcy, operations manager for Springwall. This means that there are certainly enough such products on the market to satisfy any demand. But what all the chiropractor mattresses have in common is that they provide uniform support from head to toe, without gaps between your body and mattress, like around the area of your waist. No matter the material it is made from or how comfortable you feel sitting in it, this is what a chiropractor mattress should do.

    So, a chiropractor mattress provides a very comfortable mattress to rest on and helps protect your health and give you a decent night’s sleep.

    Sep 24, 2015
    by: Anonymous

    I have owned and have been sleeping on my Queen Springwall Chiropractic Mattress since 1989. I do rotate and flip every few months and have enjoyed such good sleep but I know it is time to purchase a new one as the edges have finally decided to show their age and have duct taped them (lol) as I am so afraid to purchase a different type of mattress for fear it will not be to my liking. So--I would definitely rate this mattress Excellent #5!!

  • A chiropractor is a holistic healer that specializing in adjusting the spine. When the spine is adjusted properly it relieves pressure on the nerves running through the spine, increases blood flow to reduce blood pressure, and puts the muscles beck into alignment with the core of the body. There are a variety of benefits to chiropractic work such as better posture, reduced stress and a body that functions at 100% capacity. All of this mechanical work can go to waste without the proper sleeping system. After getting a series of adjustments you may be in the market for a chiropractor recommended mattress.

    Our chiropractic beds have been endorsed by the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia (COCA) or the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) for added peace of mind and expert input into the design process. Our chiropractic mattress range includes mattresses from the renowned King Koil brand and the ChiroOsteo brand.

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Our mattress construction is designed to reduce stress on your body’s pressure points. Take your time and choose what is best suited for you. It’s a very personal choice. In addition to quality mattresses at affordable prices, our conveniently located showroom stocks an assortment of pillows and bedding products. Paducah Chiropractic Mattresses is locally owned and operated by Ben and Tammy Turner.