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  • The NeoAir dream retails for $260, which is not exactly cheap. It is about $40 more expensive than our absolute favorite car camping mattress, the Exped Megamat 10, so if you simply want the best mattress for the money, check that one out. That said, this mattress was our second highest performer, and comes with the added bonus of incredible versatility. It is still $80 less expensive than the combination of a Big Agnes Sleeping Giant with a QCore. Because it is one of the best single person mattresses you can buy and has its own unique uses not matched by any other product, this is a pretty darn good value.

    Further contributing to our assessment that this is the most car camping mattress in our review is the fact that it has the second smallest packed size, next to only the Lightspeed 2-person. For that we granted it 8 out of 10 points. We didn't give any mattress a perfect score because, well, have you how small backpacking mattresses are these days?

  • Deflation is likewise relatively simple. While the air mattress only features one nozzle valve instead of two like the Luxury MAP or the Camp Bed 3.5, it is still quick and easy to squish the air out. To fit it into the stuff sack, fold the mattress in half lengthwise before rolling it up. Sewn in buckle cinch-straps keep the tight roll secure once it is rolled up, and ensure that you can transport it without the stuff sack if so desired. It doesn't do the work of inflating and deflating itself for you, but it is about as simple and easy as a XL sized car camping mattress gets.

    Choosing the right car camping mattress for your needs can be challenging, and there are many things to consider. After deciding whether you prefer a single or double mattress, the most difficult decision may revolve around how much you would like to (or are willing to) spend on your bed away from home. Like real mattresses, some of the choices described here can be pricey. But keep in mind: you like to play hard (otherwise you wouldn't be browsing this site), and the most important aspect of playing hard is being able to recover. A decadently comfortable mattress will help you get the best night sleep you can while on the road, and help ensure you wake up refreshed enough to go at it again the next day. With this in mind, isn't a little added expense worth it? We hope that this review has helped you narrow down the selection to choose what is best for you, and we encourage you to check out our for more in-depth information about the buying process or these products in general.

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    by Andy Wellman

  • From the above description of what a mattress has, you can probably imagine what the opposite end of the spectrum looks like. Heavy, bulky, difficult, un-insulated, etc. causing one to consider whether conditions and activities are appropriate for bringing the car camping mattress. And the reality is you only want one mattress, so you don't want to think, "Maybe I can't use it this time." The least versatile car camping mattresses, compared to all the others that we tested, were the trio of air beds, in part because they absolutely depended on their various methods of battery, mechanical, or electrical inflation systems. We can't imagine having to blow one of those babies up with our lungs alone. Their total lack of insulation was also a large part of this assessment. Overall, we weighted versatility as 10 percent of a product's final score — a nice boost for those products with extra advantages, but not too punishing for those without.

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Car camping mattresses are not your everyday sleeping pads. While sleeping pads for backpacking are designed to be small and lightweight, providing just enough comfort to keep you happy in your tent without being a b*@ch to carry, these mattresses are designed for excess. After all, if you don't have to carry it anywhere, why would you want just the basics? These mattresses are huge, both in terms of size and loft. In many cases they are nicer than what people use in their own homes, especially compared to dirtbags sleeping on a bouldering pad. These contenders are the pinnacle of inflatable luxury. This level of comfort is worth its weight in gold if you live in a vehicle, often camp in your car or close to it, or are over the age of 26, when perfect recovery just doesn't happen if you are lying in the dirt.