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California Mattress is a family owned and operated business in Campbell, CA

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Cal King

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  • This place is as good as it gets.

    When I first came to California Mattress, I was not immediately pressured into buying right away like I had been at other mattress stores - instead, the owner spent lots of time with me on the phoneas well as in the store asking me questions about my needs. This was my first time purchasing a mattress/box spring and had NO idea where to even begin, but Steve was so knowledgeable and such a goodlistener that I felt comfortable with the mattress/box spring set I chose - and NOT pressured or rushed into buying.

    Before coming to California Mattress, I spoke on the phone and/or went into Mattress Discounters and Mancini's thinking that those stores had the best deal - but each interaction I had with thosestores made me feel rushed into making a decision before I was ready and left me more confused with all the options (and on one occasion pressured to buy something I didn't need!).

    Steve at California Mattress was the first person I spoke with who asked me a bunch of questions about what I actually needed with no pressure. I usually am very indecisive, but I felt like I learneda ton from Steve and that he made the decision-making process easier. I left the store with a high quality purchase that was within my budget.

    The best thing about this place is that the owner clearly takes great pride in what he does. I love that all of his testimonials on Facebook and Yelp (checked the filtered reviews!) tell stories ofhow Steve went ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty to help customers who had already made a purchase years before. This tells me that he takes pride in the products he sells - EVEN if it's 5 yearslater and the customer needs to activate a warranty, he'll go to their house and help them with the process for free. This makes me extremely confident that an investment in one of his mattresses isthe right decision.


    After a lot of research and going through reviews of sketchy warehouses, I am so happy I stumbled upon California Mattress. I called Steve and inquired about a mattress within my budget, and he wasgreat in offering me multiple options. I ended up coming in the same day and felt very welcomed the second I walked through the door. Steve recalled our conversation and immediately showed me themattresses. I found the mattress I wanted, and felt very confident I was being offered the best deal. The customer service i received was outstanding, and just talking to Steve felt as if I had knownhim for a long time. I did although make a mistake in assuming I can come in on moving day, and walk out with the mattress of my choice. The mattress I wanted was not in stock and would not arrivefor 2 days (which after additional research is much quicker than many other stores) . I quicly took fault as i am known for my procrastination. As I informed Steve that I had nothing to sleep on forthe next 2 days, without hesitation I was offered a loaner until mine arrived. Who does that? My mattress arrived on time, and could'nt be more perfect. I am so happy I found this place! I havealready informed almost everyone I know how awesome this place is, and how it needs to be where they purchase their next mattress! Thank you Steve!

  • I went into California Mattress to buy a twin mattress that was going in a room that wouldn't be used that much. Steve did not try to talk me into a more expensive model and worked with me onwhat I could afford and which was the best choice. He was so nice and easy to talk to and I felt no pressure at all. I was worried about the delivery fee and he was nice enough to offerto deliver it to my house in his SUV! So him and his son delivered my mattress, he set it up for me and I could not have been more pleased with the whole experience at California Mattress. I will be returning there soon to buy a new double mattress for my room! Thanks Steve for being such an honest guy!

    My husband and I were referred to Steve at California Mattress(actually I feel God lead us here) after a nightmarish internet mattress purchase experience. Even as an elderly, well researchedcouple, we now realize that we lacked the knowledge needed to make the wisest choice on this type item that we purchase so seldom. This is where Steve's(and sweet wife, Ann) experience enters. We were gently steered to a mattress which took into account our budget, health concerns and comfort needs. They took their time(even at closing) to educate us. Steve offered tohelp us in several ways and even after purchase, agreed to drive to Pleasanton if we needed help handling our mattress. What more can I say? Thank you, California Mattress!

  • California Mattress is the best place to get old fashion service and great prices! The owner Steve is not pushy and will find the right mattress that fits your budget. I purchased a queenmattress that I love and I saved over $300 dollars. I noticed that California Mattress also supports charitable foundations and I asked the owner Steve if he would donate a some pillows for afund raiser at our local school Capri Elementary. I was totally in shock when Steve not only donated two pillows but a Queen Mattress as well! A business that gives back is a businessthat I will always support. I have told all of my friends and family that this is the place to go first and just ask for the owner Steve he's always there, its a "true' family run business. Steve thanks from all the kids at Capri and for me and my friends. Rene

Mattress 101 by California Mattress

I would have given California Mattress six stars if I could have. My wife and my experience with Steve and his wife, owners, was simply amazing. They offer high quality mattresses, a great start, butthen they offer customer service and support that I simply have not found at any other business at any time in my 63 years of being alive. Steve and Ann listen much more than sell, work within yourneeds and budget, and do anything possible to make you a satisfied customer. This is not only during the actual sale, but even two weeks later as we were amazed to discover (they exchanged ouroriginally purchased box spring for a thicker one, dealing with the low height issue we had not anticipated). And then, during one of our conversations with Steve, we mentioned that my wife and Iwere helping my son and his wife adopt an orphan from Ethiopia, a very expensive undertaking. Because of Steve's caring heart (no exaggeration) and generosity, he gave us a special price on anothermattress which we needed for our son's home and set up shipping to the Denver, CO, area.

I have never written a review of any business on any website before this, but our experience with California Mattress was so exceptional that writing this was a real pleasure. Quality products,quality people, quality service sums it up.