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Bedsack Classic Mattress Pad Queen Size, White

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  • Do you want to sleep soundly and comfortably? Then, the Bedsack mattress pad should always be a part of your bedroom. This mattress pad is affordable and available via on-line and off-line stores.

    The softness of the bed mattress gives a feeling of comfort. No matter how exhausted you may be after a day’s work, sleeping on a Bedsack mattress pad covering a bed soothes the aching joints and muscles. It seems to be imbued with balming component.

  • Bedsack Classic Mattress Pad Queen Size, White – Bedsack Queen Size Classic Mattress pad. This durable mattress pad has a 100-percent polyester non woven top and reverse fabric. With 2 ounces of 100-percent low melt Perfect Puff polyester fiber fill it will help rejuvenate your mattress and provide a more sound night’s rest all at an economical price. Being hypo-allergenic this mattress pad is also perfect for the sensitive sleeper . A sonic double onion quilted pattern is designed into this pad and extends all the way down the sides of your mattress. The benefit is that it holds it all together, provides complete protection, adds a touch of style, eliminates shifting and bunching and promotes better fit for your sheets. For added convenience this easy to clean pad is machine wash and dryable. Made in the USA

    If you’re looking for top recommended Bedsack Classic Mattress Pad Queen Size, White, then Bedsack Classic Mattress Pad Queen Size, White is our suggestion. Many good reviews already proving the quality of this product. The completed with a lot of capabilities which makes it great product. If you wish to know further of this location finding tools, just read its main features below.


    Bedsack Waterproof Mattress Pad

    The Bedsack Fleece Waterproof Mattress Pad has a soft 100% brushed petal puff quilted fleece top with a 3.4 oz low melt polyester fiber fill. The mattress pad is 100% waterproof with a reverse material vinyl barrier. The Bedsack Waterproof pad will fit up to a 15" thick mattress with its Flexwall® skirting. Machine washable.
    Size Cost Item ID#
    Twin 39" x 76" $24.50 SCGBWP1
    Full 54" x 75" $25.50 SCGBWP4
    Queen 60" x 80" $32.50 SCGBWP7
    King 76" x 80" $39.50 SCGBWP9

  • Bedsack Waterproof Mattress Pad

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Bedsack Bedsack Classic Mattress Pad King ..

The Sleep That’s about all I can find to discuss on The Bedsack Classic Mattress Pad. I tried, tested, and proven its pros and cons. If you do get this product, I would recommend to use it on a guest bed, not your own everyday bed. It’s not built to stand up to everyday use, but it is a quality and affordable option for occasional use. Also, don’t’ expect to get comfort or support out of this item, it’s not meant for that.