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Anti Bedsore Mattress C05 C05 Size: 2000mmX900mm 1, The air mattress with tiny air-jetting holes

Alternating Pressure Mattress by Vive - Includes Electric Pump & Mattress Pad - Inflatable Bed Pad for Pressure Ulcer and Pressure Sore Treatment - Fits Standard Hospital Beds

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  • Hospital Bed Mattress- Manufacturer of Hospital Bed Mattress, Bedsore Prevention Mattress, Anti Bedsore Mattress, Suppliers Hospital Bed Mattress. We manufacture & export high quality Hospital Bed Mattress, Bedsore Prevention Mattress/Anti Bedsore Mattress. Trust NET brand for Surgical Instruments, Medical Supplies, Hospital Equipments, Laboratory Products & Goods.

    Our MaxCare Range of Anti Bedsore Mattresses is the latest in technology, revolutionizing pressure care in all medical fields as well as in the comfort of your own home. Allowing pressure care, as well as prevention to Pressure Ulcers also known as bedsores.

  • 21 January, 2014: Bedsores are inevitable in cases of diseases that force patients to stay on bed in one condition for too long a period. There has not been any way to prevent this side-effect. Patients become victims of bedsores in even small or moderately equipped hospitals. Only big hospitals with all kinds of facilities can provide protection against bed sores. However, not all people can afford or have access to such hospitals. Bedsore Medical China is a manufacturer of medicated products such as , medical tubular mattress, , etc. medical air mattressBedsore Medical China, like its name reveals, is concerned with the production of complete anti bedsore solution. The company manufactures products under 3 categories – mattress, air pump and bedsore air bed. Bedsore Air Beds are differently designed to fulfil the purpose of prevention of bed sore in 2 different kinds of places that are, hospitals and homes. However, there are 2 types of mattresses in each category. The types of mattresses are 5.2-inch Pressure Pump and Bubble Pad and 5A1-2A tubular bedsore mat and anti bedsore inflatable mattress. The company also manufactures ripple mattress. They are scientifically tested and have been found to prevent bedsores.

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Anti-bedsore Mattress Pad VISmemo NP-VM-B/B is designed to reduce lateral and neutral pressures and forces on the patient, which can lead to the development of pressure ulcers or bedsores. A mattress pad is intended is for use with a standard mattress of hospital bed, home bed or anti bedsore pneumatic mattress. The mattress pad is made of contoured thermoelastic memory foam. The own characteristics of memory foam softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mold to the shape of a body pressing against it, returning to its original shape once a pressure is removed. The pressure relief system helps to eliminate pressure points, provides comfort to the patient during sleep or lying down position. The mattress pad is healthy for spine, joints, improves blood circulation and general patient mood.