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Mattress America Caress 10 Inch QueenGel Memory Foam Mattress with 2 Pillows

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  • Freemont, CA -- () -- 03/20/2017 --Layla Sleep, an American mattress company who specializes in copper infused dual firmness memory foam mattresses have announced discounts on their highly sought after products. In welcoming spring, they have offered all their customers $60 off their mattress purchase. This means that if one buys a twin size mattress, they are saving nearly a fifth of the original price. Similarly, purchase of the King size mattress, saves nearly a tenth of the total price.

    Layla Sleep is an American based mattress company who specializes in dual firmness mattresses. They are fully patented in the US Patent Office. Recently they have partaken in a couple of charitable initiatives. They pride themselves in using all American materials and workmanship.

  • On after speaking with Merrick, Brantley backed that up and said Ms. Dana did not think giving us a new bed would satisfy us. After speaking with Brantley, we visited a competitor's store and told him our story, at which time, that competitor offered to trade our bed in on one of his models and use our bed as an example of the poor quality of the Serta. Brantley told us that yes, we can get a refund but to give American Mattress and Serta one more chance.

    I've had this bed for 4 years. I started experiencing incredible overall body and neck pain soon after purchasing. I thought it was me. I slept on all sides, added an additional memory foam topper...and have been in misery. In the last month I've slept on a Beautyrest Classic - slept like a dream and woke with no pain. This past weekend I slept on a friend's 15 year old Ikea cheap 2" mattress...again, incredible night's sleept with not morning pain. It HAS to be this godawful American Signature mattress. Value City Furnature employees just came out to "inspect." How can a visual inspection identify a manufacturing defect? They show only a 1/2" sag - and I was told it had to be 2:inches of sag for replacement. If this isn't rectified, I will NEVER step foot in Value City Furniture again. Beware of this horrible mattress brand - and just know the "Warranty" is crap as well.

  • Manny is the man. He was so attentive, had me try all the beds to make sure I found a good comfort profile, was amendable to my price range and even gave me a discount. He was friendly and loves what he does. Don't buy a used mattress on the cheap, get completely set up at american mattress and you won't regret it.

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I went here on Labor Day to get a queen size mattress and a good deal.
I found the mattress I wanted and they set-up expensive financing on it. The deal was get a free Galaxy Tablet with the purchase. The salesperson said they would send email with voucher for it for BestBuy. I waited more than a week and no email.
After a couple try's they resent the email with long instructions for getting the tablet. I'm hoping this is not a poor sales tactic to buy an expensive mattress and eventually give up on getting a free tablet.
After following instructions and contacting Best Buy, the people at Best Buy said they have nothing set -up with American Mattress and will look into it on Monday. So this is my 2nd over priced mattress from this store in the last 2 years and I'm not happy. I spent $2500 in cash on first and $1200 financed on 2nd. I hope this last mattress last more than the 1st because I don't plan on shopping here ever again.
I'm still waiting for the tablet...