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Sleep Philosophy All Natural Cotton Filled Mattress Pad, Full

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  • Sleep on Latex has prices that made me do a double take. I read the listings and thought, is this really real? Which then made me delve even more into their story and what materials they use to make their bedding. I was determined to find the hidden reason why their all natural mattresses cost so much less. It even resulted in me emailing the young founder of the company, Karl Shevick.

    Trust me, I know. I’ve talked with some of the biggest personalities in the green lifestyle world over the years and we’ve all sheepishly admitted that an all natural mattress is the last thing that we have changed (or would, in the future) only because of the cost. Even though we know of the risks.

  • Natural latex topper is made from eco-friendly botanical all natural components with no toxic chemicals or synthetic or petroleum based fillers. It has consistent, ventilated surface which offers excellent support for back and side sleepers. These all Natural Latex Mattress Toppers are designed to conform to your body shape, specially spine and neck to offer the right support for restful sleep. They are the purest available in the market with right balance of support and comfort. Made from sap extruded by Hevea Barsiliensis rubber tree using eco-friendly process. They are free from chemicals used in the synthetic and memory foam products. They maintain shape and comfort over many decades. Expectancy life over 20 years is common in these toppers. This topper is not intended to correct a sagging mattress, but will do well on firm or newer mattress

    Latex Green accommodates an assortment of customer demands in product by means of vertical and horizontal cutters to give you the correct thickness width and length you are looking for in an all natural latex mattress.

  • The only thing that did not make us happy was our freight delivery service which overpromised us on what they’d do. This has nothing to do with Sleep on Latex, but there are some helpful hints that we found out that you need to be aware of for when you buy your Sleep on Latex all natural mattress (and I DO suggest that you look at the online store!).

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