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What's in a Naturalmat Adult Mattress?

Priva High Quality Ultra Waterproof Sheet Protector 34" x 52", Ideal For Children And Adult Incontinence Protection, Innovative 4 Layer Design, 8 Cups Absorbency, 300 Machine Washes, Dryer Safe, Bleachable

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  • Never lay your baby down to sleep on an adult mattress or any other soft surface. If you are worried about your little one's long-term comfort, opt for a double-sided mattress. Designed for infant use, one side should be very firm. The other side is softer and more appropriate for use in a toddler bed.

    Adult mattresses contain toxic properties similar to crib mattresses. Typical adult mattresses contain dangerous chemicals and toxic gases that are not healthy for anyone, but particularly not safe for babies. They contain petroleum based chemicals, toxic foams, synthetic fabrics, and are treated with chemical fire retardants. Both children and adults can become ill by repeated and continuous exposure to the low level of chemicals continuously emitted while sleeping. Babies are particularly vulnerable to these chemicals, and there is research that suggests that the toxic gases emitted from mattresses can be a cause of crib death or SIDS (see article on ).

  • Adult Toddler Bed uses astandard adult mattress, (mattress not included)Wooden mattress support slats ensure stability anddurability so there's no need for a separate boxspring. Bed has two bed rails for your adult baby'ssafety. Call for shipping price.

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